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Greenhill Worm Farm 

This vermicast producer is owned and operated by Sallie Smith. The former teacher lifts buckets, shovels manure, wrangles worms, and drives around town delivering castings in retirement. On top of all this, Sallie was trying to manage Greenhill Worm Farm's social media channels and keep the website up to date. Like many small business owners, she recognized the importance of digital marketing and realized that she needed help to have a consistent online presence. 

Sallie and Hoop House Digital started working with each other after a conversation at their local community garden. Hoop House Digital has since transformed a sporadic online presence into a consistent presence that's driving sales via social media. Recent Instagram reports show that accounts reached were increased by 398% and total followers by 45.2%. Similarly, Facebook reports showed increases of 133% in accounts reached and 17% for page visits.

These metrics are exciting but what excites us the most is the increase in awareness and sales. Sallie had this to say about Hoop House Digital's effect on business, "I went to market in early Spring, and almost everyone who stopped by to purchase said they had seen me on Instagram."

Hoop House Digital has also assisted Sallie with other marketing initiatives, including marketing strategy, retail partner research, WIX website updates, writing customer success stories, and more. 

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